Emergency Financial Assistance

Under most circumstances, the Embassy cannot directly assist U.S. citizens with cash.  The Consular Section assists citizens overseas in financial trouble by contacting family, friends,  or employers on an citizen’s behalf and can assist in the transfer of funds from outside of  Djibouti to the citizen in need.  In the rare instance that a citizen’s contacts cannot offer any assistance, the Embassy can issue a short-term loan to repatriate a citizen to the United States.

Recipients of loans must travel directly to the United States and all ticketing arrangements are made by the Embassy.  Embassy loans may not be taken in cash and financial assistance is not available for legal permanent residents of the United States or to Foreign Nationals married to American citizens. Citizens seeking assistance must demonstrate that they are unable to obtain another source of funds and will have their passport cancelled upon return to the U.S.

Recipients of loans will not be eligible for another passport until they have repaid the loan.  Obtaining financial assistance is a complicated process that typically takes two to three business days and must be initiated in-person during business hours.