Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

When the Consular Section is advised that a U.S. citizen has been arrested, a consular officer visits the arrested American Citizen as soon as possible (within 48 hours); provides information regarding the foreign legal system and a list of attorneys; and offers other assistance such as contacting family or friends on the prisoner’s behalf based on a Privacy Act Waiver signed by the arrested American; arranges transfer of private funds for delivery to American prisoners, arranges dietary food supplements and/or medical care through a U.S. Government loan.

Although consular officers can provide information and assistance, they cannot ensure a citizen’s release from detention, serve as the prisoner’s legal representative, or intervene in the foreign judicial process.  U.S. citizens are subject to the laws of the country they are visiting, please understand the laws of the country you are visiting before you arrive, especially if you intend to reside abroad for an extended period of time. The laws of Djibouti are strictly enforced, including immigration and customs regulations that you may encounter when entering Djibouti for the first time.

Please consult the Department of State’s Country Specific Information.