The United States Provides Agricultural Tools to 100 Farmers in As-Eyla, Dikhil

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The United States Provides Agricultural Tools to 100 Farmers in As-Eyla, Dikhil


Djibouti (28 March 2022): At a ceremony today, the USAID Representative Lloyd Jackson handed over to the Djiboutian farmers of As-Eyla seeds and agricultural tools. The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Abdou-Razak Ahmed Idriss, Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance and Economy and Ms Emma Ngouan-Anoh, UNDP’s Resident Representative.

USAID has provided $2.5 million to UNDP’s post-Covid-19 economic recovery multitrust program, Rising Djibouti. As part of this program, UNDP built the capacity of farmers impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic to carry out best practices of farming. Small Agriculture Tool Kits are procured to support 100 farmers of one of the high agriculture potential areas of Djibouti. The activity will also support the rehabilitation of 20 wells in the As-Eyla area in Dikhil.

In his remarks at the ceremony Mr. Jackson said, “During our last visit to As Eyla with the U.S. Ambassador in December 2021, farmers who participated in the training program requested help and support. We are back again today to let you know, we heard you. We are providing you with this equipment to support you and your farms.”

The USAID funded component of the multitrust program aims to reach 5,000 people by rescuing existing jobs and creating new livelihoods, through increasing the economic viability of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), startups, civil society Organizations (CSOs) and the self-employed.

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