Remarks by Deputy Chief of Mission Andrea Tomaszewicz at Women’s Iftar Dinner

Remarks by Deputy Chief of Mission Andrea Tomaszewicz at Women’s Iftar Dinner
April 4, 2023

Welcome everyone to my home for this special Iftar.  I am honored to have you gather with me as you end your fast to reflect together on the important themes of the holy month of Ramadan including forgiveness, patience, resilience, compassion for the less privileged, and unity.  Throughout the United States, at the White House, in Times Square in New York, Muslim Americans along with their friends come together to recognize the holy month.

It is a time to come together with families, as neighbors, and in communities. It is in this spirit of sharing that I have invited you tonight for what will be my last Iftar in Djibouti, and I wanted to spend that time with many of the women I admire here in Djibouti.  I have been thrilled during my time in Djibouti to have known so many brilliant and inspiring women who work to make a difference in their community and in their country.

I want to celebrate Djibouti’s history of empowering women and promoting their important roles in government and leadership positions.  This is yet another example of why the partnership between Djibouti and the United States is so strong—we value diversity in leadership and believe that through including many voices in the conversation, everyone will be better served.

In closing, I wish you success and satisfaction in your endeavors and wish you a blessed month of Ramadan. Thank you for joining me this evening to reflect on our strength as a community of women, and to reflect on the many important values of this holy month.  Ramadan Mubarak.