Political Officer’s Remarks for the Resolution Workshop: In Support of Women, Peace, and Security

Political Officer’s Remarks for the
Resolution Workshop: In Support of Women, Peace, and Security
Sunday, May 8, 09:00


Good morning to our honored guests: Minister Mouna Osman Aden, MG Zana, MG Shawley, distinguished guests and invitees, and all participants.

And a special thank you to the Ministry of Women and Families and Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa for co-hosting this event. I am delighted to join you at the start of a conversation on this important topic.  In 2000, the UN adopted resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security.  In 2017, Djibouti adopted a National Action Plan on resolution 1325.  Also in 2017, The United States passed the Women, Peace, and Security Act into law.  By these actions, both countries demonstrate their commitment to expanding women’s access to peace and resolution processes globally.

The United States recognizes Djibouti’s commitment to advancing women’s roles in the peace process. To be clear, the absence of conflict in a country does not exclude it from taking action to advance peace, as Djibouti has shown in their support of the African Union Transitional Mission in Somalia.  Djibouti further demonstrates its commitment to peace by its ongoing efforts to implement UN Resolution 1325.

Djibouti is a model for involving women at all levels of decision-making. Around a quarter of Djibouti’s Ministers and members of the National Assembly are women, and many of them work on peace and security issues.  This representation exemplifies women’s involvement in governance at the highest national levels.

The goal of today’s resolution workshop is to work with supporting organizations to help update and finalize Djibouti’s National Action Plan for women. We will recognize and highlight Women, Peace, and Security engagements and events over the past year.  You will also help chart a path forward to build on the strong foundation you have already created.

A population skilled in conflict resolution is key to maintaining peace. It is vital to have national integration and institutionalize a gender-responsive approach.  Strengthening women’s rights, leadership, and participation in security initiatives benefits everyone because women act as gatekeepers to their communities.  Women leaders in civil society leaders, military, and law enforcement play an important role in formulating peace and security strategies.  This cannot be understated.

The United States promotes the Women, Peace, and Security agenda and protects the equal rights of all – in the United States and across the globe. We have sought to equalize the gender gap in leadership, by mobilizing our diplomatic programs, engaging partners, investing in women’s safety and rights, and amplifying the voices of women leaders and organizations.  This is not a priority for only women. It is vital for everyone who values conflict resolution and peace. We all know a simple fact: women make the world more peaceful.

Your commitment to women in peace and security is underscored by the wide range of attendees today from the Ministries of Women and Families, Justice, Interior, and Defense, as well as civil society groups, the military, and law enforcement. The ideas, experience, and expertise all of you bring to this forum is impressive and will make for fruitful conversation.

I commend the Ministry of Women and Families and Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa for co-hosting this vital event and prioritizing Women, Peace, and Security in Djibouti and the region. The United States and Djibouti have joint goals: ensuring women are involved in conflict prevention and integrated into peace processes, committing to protect women from violence, and providing access to relief and recovery resources for victims.

In closing, I would like to say again it is an honor for me to be here, and I wish all the participants a successful and collaborative Resolution Workshop!

Read the complete remarks in French here at: https://dj.usembassy.gov/discours-de-la-responsable-politique-lors-de-latelier-sur-la-resolution-de-conflits-en-faveur-de-la-femme-la-paix-et-la-securite/