Markazi IT Learning Center Inauguration

Ambassador André’s Remarks at Markazi IT Learning Center Inauguration

September 13, 2018, 10:00, Markazi Village

I am pleased to be here today in Markazi Village to help inaugurate the IT Learning Center.  Among the American Embassy’s top goals is to help protect and improve conditions for refugees and migrants in Djibouti.  To do this, we collaborate closely with the government of Djibouti.  We set aside $6.6 million to help refugees through local partners, including the Ministry of Education.  Djibouti has shown appreciation of its longstanding close ties to the Yemeni people by offering healthcare services and accredited education to refugees from a highly respected neighbor suffering a period of crisis.  Djibouti ranks among the top countries in the world for refugee admittance per capita.  One of America’s most important contributions is our effort, in concert with the government of Djibouti and other friends of Yemen, to bring back peace to your ancient society.

We deeply regret the conflict that has made so many flee their homeland. The American Embassy stands with Yemeni refugees.  Many Yemenis have been personally affected by Presidential Proclamation 9645, which restricted travel to the United States by citizens of certain foreign countries. We are working diligently to carry out our obligations under the proclamation, which includes ensuring that every visa applicant who should be considered for a waiver to the proclamation, is considered. Since May 2018, we have reviewed and recommended for a waiver over 3,000 immigrant visa applicants who previously had their visa refused under the proclamation. Our review process will continue until every qualified Yemeni with an approved immigrant visa petition is able to immigrate to the United States in accordance with U.S. immigration law.  I encourage all American citizens who have children overseas to document those children with the embassy by filing a Consular Report of Birth Abroad and passport application with the Consular Section. The Consular Section can be contacted at

I hope you find the IT Learning Center made available today useful in your studies and that this resource will contribute to a bright future for each of you and for your country.  This gift from the American people will help you learn a marketable, transferrable skill that will help you find jobs either in Djibouti, Yemen, or wherever else your path may lead.

Thank you for your kind attention.