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Protocol: The set of rules prescribing good manners in Official life and in ceremonies involving government and nations, and their representatives.  Protocol is the recognized system of International courtesy.

Embassy Djibouti’s Protocol Office is the liaison between the Embassy and the host nation. Appointments and meetings with high-ranking official visitors should be scheduled through the protocol office. In addition, Americans wishing to schedule appointments with high-level Djiboutian officials should contact the protocol office for guidance and assistance

Protocol questions or issues should be directed to the Protocol Assistant by contacting:  (253) ext. 3408 or

Djibouti has no major laws or regulations that would discourage incoming foreign investment. In principle there is no screening of investment or other discriminatory mechanisms. Certain sectors, most notably public utilities, are state-owned. Conditions of the structural adjustment agreement recently signed by Djibouti and the International Monetary Fund stipulate increased privatization of government-owned monopolies.

Major challenges to doing business in Djibouti include the high cost of telecommunications, much higher than in the U.S. or Europe, as well as the cost of living, in which prices can be as much as two to four times those in the United States. Further, labor is expensive. A 70-percent unemployment rate and low-levels of education and technical skills makes finding skilled workers, particularly English speakers, quite difficult.

Businesspersons should visit to find the latest market analyses, trade events, trade and investment climates, and trade leads for Djibouti. Select Market Research in the Find Opportunities menu and follow the link to the Market Research Library. Businesspersons are not required to register by company to obtain the Djibouti Country Commercial Guide for 2008. Access to all other market data will require registration with the U.S. Commercial Service.

The Political Officer, assisted by an FSN Commercial Assistant, runs the embassy Commercial Section. The embassy remains at your disposal to provide information and help. Contact Commercial Assistant Abdi Mahamoud Abdi at (253) 21 45 30 00 or