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Representatives of the foreign media traveling on assignment to the United States require “I” classification visas. They are not eligible to travel visa-free under the Visa Waiver Program or enter the United States on B-1 business visas. Those who attempt to do so may be denied admission to the United States by immigration authorities at the port of entry. See our visa information.

Journalists visiting Djibouti require a regular tourist visa and a letter of accreditation.  Proof of yellow fever vaccination is required to obtain a visa.  Visas can be obtained at Djiboutian Embassies abroad or at the airport upon arrival.  However, accreditation must be approved in advance by the Ministry of Communication and Culture.
The U.S. Embassy will facilitate this accreditation process for American journalists and other journalists working for U.S.-based media institutions. Such journalists should also request their accreditation letter online by clicking here, and should contact the Embassy’s Public Diplomacy Section at DjiboutiPDSubmissions@state.gov at least two weeks in advance of their travel with the following information:

  • Date of arrival and length of stay:
  • Reason for visit (general theme of the story)
  • Information on the journalist:
    • Full Name:
    • Organization:
    • Function (Job Title):
    • Nationality:
    • Date of Birth:
    • Passport number:
    • Equipment and serial numbers:
  • Additionally, provide (for each person arriving):
    • A passport-type photo
    • A short biography
    • A copy of passeport
    • A copy of press badge

    Alternatively, journalists may contact the Ministry directly, in French, with the above information:

    Director of Communication
    Ministère De La Comminucation Chargé Des Postes Et Des Télécommunications
    1 Rue de Moscou
    BP: 32
    Djibouti Ville, République de Djibouti

    Tel : (253) 21-35-56-72
    Tel : (253) 21-35-39-28
    Fax : (253) 21-35-39-57
    e-mail: mcpt@intnet.dj

    There are several sensitive areas/facilities in Djibouti that require special permission from the Djiboutian government prior to filming:

    • Port of Djibouti
    • Doraleh Port
    • Ambouli Airport
    • Presidential Palace
    • Military Barracks and Bases
    • Presidential Residences

    Accreditation Letter

    Journalists who fail to request and receive an accreditation letter risk seizure of equipment and expulsion from Djibouti by the Ministry of Interior.  Journalists who collect information beyond the agreed parameters of the accreditation letter also risk equipment seizure and expulsion.

      • International media wishing to report on Djibouti need to have an accreditation letter. Before departing for Djibouti please send an e-mail with the following information to Embassy’s Public Affairs Section at DjiboutiPublic@state.gov
        • Name
        • Newspaper/Organization
        • Function
        • Nationality
        • DOB and passport number
        • Equipment and serial numbers

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