Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund

The Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund invests in people who take the initiative to launch small-scale community development projects that improve incomes, environment, nutrition or education at the grassroots level.  We support high-impact initiatives that will quickly benefit a large number of people and be sustainable over time.  We help people help themselves.  Every project must include a strong element of community involvement.  The fund does not support requests from individuals or private enterprises.  All proposals must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Improve the community’s economic conditions and quality of life; protect, enhance, or develop natural resources; and assist the greatest number or beneficiaries possible;
  • Have community contributions (cash, materials, labor) amounting to no less than 25% of the total project value;
  • Be completed within one year;
  • Be within the means of the local community or self-help group to operate and maintain over the intended life of the project.

The following types of projects, activities, and costs are not eligible for Self-help funds:

  • Personal service, administrative, start-up costs, and credit or loan programs;
  • Cultural, religious, police, and military activities;
  • Weather modification equipment;
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment;
  • Pesticides and hazardous chemicals;
  • The purchase of used equipment;
  • Ongoing training, school or dormitory furnishings, laboratory equipment, or the payment of school fees;
  • The purchase of vehicles;
  • Land rental or purchase.

How to Apply for Special Self-Help Funds

Groups interested in applying for these funds should send project proposals to the Special Self-help Coordinator at the U.S. Embassy. The U.S. Mission Djibouti is accepting applications from 15 August to 14 September 2019. Proposals and supporting documents will not be returned. Groups should include the following information in their proposals:

Group or Community History

  • Name of group or community;
  • Copy of group’s registration with the Government as a NGO, if applicable;
  • If self-help group or NGO, please provide the origin, goals, age of association, size, membership composition of your group;
  • Experience and special qualifications of group/community members.

Project Information

  • Project goals, project location (include map), and time needed to complete the project;
  • Number of beneficiaries, as well as type and amount of community contribution;
  • Amount of funding requested, including the following details:

A full budget with the line item cost breakdownThe amount/value of the community contribution;

      • Three proforma invoices for every item to be purchased, or service to be provided;
      • Description of attempts have been made to address the problems the group/community is facing;
      • Information on any special technical assistance required;
      • Copies of CVs, if trainers, consultants, or experts are to be hired;
      • Schematic drawing of proposed project, if construction is involved;
      • Name of project supervisor/coordinator;
      • Any helpful supplementary information on your organization or project.
  • US Embassy, Djibouti is accepting applications from 15 August to 14 September 2019

For more information, please contact:
Special Self-Help Assistant at the U.S. Embassy Djibouti,
Lot 350-B Haramous
B.P. 185 Djibouti