CR Energy Concepts Renewable Energy Park Implementation Agreement

CR Energy Concepts Renewable Energy Park Implementation Agreement

CR Energy Concepts Renewable Energy Park Implementation Agreement

On Monday, August 10, 2020 U.S. Ambassador to Djibouti Larry E. André and the Minister of Energy celebrated an implementation agreement between CR Energy Concepts (CREC) and the Ministry of Energy for the construction of a Renewable Energy Park. The United States and Djibouti share a mutual interest in promoting the growth of Djibouti’s economy. This milestone project will play a crucial role in achieving that shared goal.

The CREC Renewable Energy Park will be the first U.S. infrastructure project in Djibouti built by the U.S. private sector. 90% of the equipment in the plant will be U.S. made.

The benefits for Djibouti will be significant. CREC’s Renewable Energy Park will provide 35 Megawatts per hour of base-load electricity into the Djiboutian power grid. This Renewable Energy Park, featuring pyrolysis technology, is a more stable and consistent source of power than other renewable sources. The Renewable Energy Park will help Djibouti to achieve its goal of energy independence through renewable sources.

The construction of the facility will create over 100 local construction jobs. Once the facility is fully operational, the plant will employ approximately 80 employees -30 white collar jobs and 50 blue collar jobs. We expect that it will create over 65 full time jobs for Djiboutians.

The site will include a medical clinic to support the work force. In addition, CREC will construct a training center to train employees on new technology. This is a trademark of U.S. Foreign Direct Investment. We invest in the local population with whom we do business. Skills training and education are keys to the long-term success of this project.

Finally, this project will help to clean up the local environment. Today garbage is dumped in open-air landfills where it is ignited, polluting the air and posing a danger to aviation. CREC will eliminate the need to dump trash in open-air landfills, as combustible waste produced in Djibouti will be routed to the new facility for consumption. In fact, the plant will have the capacity to consume all the used tires in Djibouti. Discarded tires collect water after rainfalls and are known breeding areas for mosquitoes. This initiative will mean a cleaner, healthier city and countryside for all Djiboutians.

It is a priority of the U.S. embassy to expand U.S. trade and investment in Djibouti. It has been our pleasure to work with CREC, to help them to locate financing for this project, and to support them in their negotiations with the Djiboutian government.

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