Ambassador Jonathan Pratt Accreditation Remarks

Good morning, your Excellency.  My name is Jonathan Pratt and it is a great honor for me to meet you and to assume the role of U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Djibouti.  On behalf of the President of the United States, I wish to convey the warmest greetings to your Excellency, to your government, and to the Djiboutian people.  During the next three years, I will work to advance our shared goals of security, prosperity, and governance and to further the U.S.-Djibouti strategic partnership.

It is our priority goal to strengthen security for the United States, Djibouti, and the region.  The citizens of the United States are grateful to Djibouti for welcoming our military presence in your country.  The U.S. military has maintained a constant presence in Djibouti since 2004.  I would like to ensure that this contingent and our robust security partnership continues to thrive.

We are proud that the United States contributes to the growth of Djibouti’s economy.  We advance our prosperity goals in Djibouti both with our assistance and our hiring, seeking to increase mutually beneficial economic growth, trade, and investment.  I will speak with U.S. businesses about investment opportunities in Djibouti and I will lead my team in our efforts to offer English and job training that is designed to help the people of Djibouti participate fully in the global economy.

I will also work with your government to improve the access of every citizen to jobs, education, and other essential services.  I look forward to advancing these objectives in partnership with you and your government.

Excellency, you have been a true friend of the United States.  Thank you for your friendship and thank you for extending such a warm and gracious welcome to your country.