Alumni Small Grant Competition

The Embassy of the United States in Djibouti is pleased to announce a call for Statements of Interest for the 2023 Alumni Project Competition. Our long-term goal is to support the alumni of US-funded exchange programs in their efforts to strengthen civil society by sharing information, expertise and values; mobilizing resources; and enriching relationships between Djibouti and United States. We seek proposals that advance one or more of the following:  youth leadership; women’s empowerment; entrepreneurship; and engagement of underserved communities. Proposals must also include a connection to the U.S. or American values.

Announcement posted:  November 23, 2022.
Closing date for applications:  April 30th, 2023.
Funding type:  Small grant awards
Decision date: no later than June 15, 2023.
Expected size of individual awards:  Up to $10,000. We will consider proposals of exceptional impact with budgets of up to $15,000.
Eligible applicants: Proposals must be submitted by an alumnus/a of one of the following U.S. sponsored or supported educational or professional exchange program:
             Mandela Washington Fellowship
           –  International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) and VolVis or On Demand

           –  YALI RLC
           –  Hubert Humphrey Fellowship

Proposed projects must involve coordination with the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Djibouti. Participants in this project must be 18 years old to qualify for receipt of grant money.
Project proposals should be detailed, demonstrating:

1)  Clear goals,
2)  Reliable partner institutions,
3)  A detailed evaluation plan,
4)  Realistic timeline and project steps, and
5)  A reporting plan covering the entire project timeline.
A good application should answer the important questions of who, what, where, when, and why.

Project proposals must include a detailed budget, demonstrating:
1)  Reasonable costs,
2)  Any applicable cost-sharing, and
3)  A sustainability plan for the post-funding period.

We encourage creative and innovative proposals, but proposals must advance one or more of the following:  youth leadership; women’s empowerment; entrepreneurship; and engagement of underserved populations.

How to submit: Send a concise project description and a detailed budget to Applicants must use the application for Federal Funding forms (SF 424 and SF 424a) found at  to submit their project description. NOTE:  If using the two-tiered process, please explain here.

Please note:  Embassy cultural grants CANNOT be used to fund religious organizations or partisan political activity; individual trips abroad; trade activities; fundraising campaigns; commercial projects; scientific research; projects whose primary aim is the institutional development of the organization; or representational expenses (lunches, alcoholic beverages, etc.).


Overall Impact:  Reviewers will judge the proposals on the basis of the likelihood that the project will exert a sustained, powerful influence on the community where it is undertaken. Does the project address an important gap of understanding or need?  If the aim of the project is achieved, how will existing knowledge or practice be improved?
Participants:  What audience do you hope to reach with this project?  How many people will participate?  How will you select them?
Innovation:  Does the proposed project challenge and/or seek to shift current understanding of an issue or a common view? Does the project rely on a new form of presentation, techniques or methods?
American Content:  How does the proposal promote a better understanding of American society, economy, government, culture, policies or values?
Measurability: Are the goals and/or learning outcomes of the project clearly stated? Are they measurable? Does the proposal include a plan for assessing its impact? Are potential problems, alternative strategies, and benchmarks for success presented? 

DISCLAIMER: U.S. Embassy Djibouti does not guarantee availability of funding by receiving applications under this announcement. Applications MUST BE in English. Only successful applicants will be contacted.