American Corner

American Corner one of the American Spaces in Djibouti

American Corners are a type of American Spaces that provide public programming spaces and supports the five core programs. They are partnerships with host-country institutions. 

The partner provides a physical space and staff, and the Public Diplomacy section of the U.S. Embassy provides multi-media materials about the United States, training and technical support.  They provide accurate information about the U.S., including education and cultural programs; access to English language resources and connections to alumni.

American Corners also provide collected literature of America’s best writers, information about American society, culture, policies, politics, history and business.

American Corners staff assists in helping individuals in using the resources provided.  American Corners are open to everyone in the community. Patrons include journalists, academics, businessmen and women, civic organizations, teachers, students, government officials, military, clergy and traditional rulers.

Presently, there is one (1) American Corner in Djibouti and is located in the Municipal Library of Djibouti.